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High School Paddling’s

Hi Ya’ll Amazingly I have quite a few new peeps reading my blog thanks to Chross and Bonnie.  I want to thank them publically for sending ya’ll over here.  Now one of you guys noted that I was paddled in high school and wanted to know details.  So why the hell not!  Doug had to [...]

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Spanking and Camping

Hi ya’ll I grew up in the country and I LOVE to camp.  Doug on the other hand absolutely detests it.  But he knows when the weather gets nice even spanking me will not keep me from dragging him along to the great outdoors.  Besides it gets him away from that damn XBox.  That was [...]

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How Spanking Makes me Feel

I can’t believe people are reading this blog,  OMG!  Well to all you new people out there Hi y’all! My stomach sinks when I feel the stern voice of Doug from the other room “Kristen you need to come over here,  you have some explaining to do” But there is no explaining.  I know I [...]

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How He Quiets me

Lets all face it,  spanking is a noisy business.  between the slaps on my ass and me hooting and hollering.  Doug and I make quite a racket.  How much so really occurred to me a few weeks after I moved into my studio apartment and after a particularly hard bottom bruising I started to notice the looks [...]

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