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Amazingly I have quite a few new peeps reading my blog thanks to Chross and Bonnie.  I want to thank them publically for sending ya’ll over here.  Now one of you guys noted that I was paddled in high school and wanted to know details.  So why the hell not!  Doug had to work this weekend so no red bottom for me :) .  So what about them.  Yes I like many of my southern peers went to a high school which employed the use of the paddle.  But there are a couple of things you need to know before you think people are hauled in screaming and yelling to get the paddle.  First of all,  At the beginning of every semester the school sends home a permission slip stating that the parent gives permission to the school for the use of corporal punishment (in other words the paddle) do discipline your child.  My mother with her background signed it every year (Thanks mom).  Now I am not so sure about other schools but the paddle was only an option in my high school,  not younger. 

The second thing and perhaps the most horrible aspect of paddling in school is that they changed the rules so YOU have to choose it.  My freshman year you had no choice in the matter if your parents signed the form, but they changed it in my sophomore year that you could choose between detention,  in certain cases suspension and the paddle.  Now there are a couple of things they DON’T tell you in that permission slip.  The first is that you can get either 3 or 5 whacks depending on the severity of the offence.  Usually it was 3 whacks for a certain amount of demerits.  Demerits were given for being late,  not handing in your homework, talking class (You get the idea).  5 whack were for the more “serious offences” like fighting,  skipping school and well, you’ll see.  They also don’t tell you that there are actually two paddles.  One “junior” paddle that is a little bigger than a ping pong paddle which is used on Freshmen and Sophomore’s and the “senior” paddle which is much larger, used on Junior’s and Senior’s. The final thing they don’t tell you is that when your parents find out the chances are you are going to get a worse ass beating over your paddled butt. 

Now as I told you the other week.  I was pretty much a goodie two shoes in high school.  Cheerleader,  Maybe not a straight A student but never less than a B.  I guess relatively popular.  I still managed to get myself paddled twice in High School.  The first time was when I was a freshman,  I was having some problems with depression and did a little rebelling I guess.  My mother was working so my parents didn’t know that I wasn’t turning in my homework,  and I got caught a couple of times talking in class and a few other minor things.  I didn’t really think it was a big deal until I got sent down to the office and even then I was totally clueless until the vice principle brought me into her office.

“Kristen You know why you are here?”

“Yea Ms Mary” (her name I swear).  “Ms Ackner told me I had too many demerits and I had to come see you”

“Yes,  you know what that means right?


“You are going to get paddled”

“WHAT! Wait a second my mother would never agree to that!”

“Kristen,  seriously,  you have to grow up.  Here is the permission form your mother signed at the beginning of the year”

“I wanna call my mother”

“Do you think that’s a good idea?”

I thought about it for a second,  she had a point,  my parents would beat my ass if they ever found out and three licks of the paddle didn’t seem so bad.  But what the bitch didn’t tell me is that they call your parents after it happens.  But on to the paddling.  Not knowing this point I finally submitted myself to this humiliation.  Thankfully it was winter and I was wearing thick jeans and warm panties.  I got three smacks with the junior paddle and honestly it wasn’t that bad.  It stung a little and my butt was a bit red but nothing major.  At least until dinner time when the phone rang.  My father picked it up,  and I was generally clueless who was on the other end.  But watching his face as the conversation went on made me realize what the phone call was about.  Before he even hung up he sent me to my room and damn did he beat my bare ass that night until I couldn’t sit for 3 days!


The second time I was paddled was in senior year.  It was the fall and I had made captain of the cheerleading squad.  I was dating one of the meathead (as Doug likes to call them) from the football team.  A wide receiver who went on to college football fame and might have gone pro,  I don’t know I don’t really follow football.  Anyway he,  my best friend,  her boyfriend (another football player) and me decided to head out for lunch only to realize that the guys brought a case of beer with them.  Well needless to say we were pretty shitfaced by the time we got back to school.  I wasn’t a big drinker and three beers on an empty stomach was enough to end up vomiting on the floor of AP chemistry.  My Parents were called and I was promptly sent home. 

When I arrived the next day I was summoned to the principles office.  This time not so naive since my GF texted me and it turns out her BF ratted us out.  (Thanks Josh).  In any case we were in big trouble.  We faced suspension and more than likely I was going to get kicked off the squad.  Along with my BF and his friend.  As a result all three of us chose paddling (my best friend got off scott free!).  So the date was scheduled for the punishment a couple of days later. 

The paddling was to be after the last class ended.  Thankfully all three of us had to get to practice.  The reason the school offered us this punishment is that they couldn’t afford to lose two of their best players and they certainly couldn’t afford to make it look like they were playing favorites.  So there we were after last bell sitting in the office waiting for our fate.  The guys didn’t seem to care very much mainly because which I found out later their coach arranged to give them their licks.  I was to be paddled by our new principle Mr Acempoura. 

The boys went first.  I won’t say it probably wasn’t painful because I heard the whacks from outside the office.  5 of them in a series of “crack crack crack crack crack”  Both of them left the office smiling ready to go off to chase that stupid ball.  Then it was my turn.  I sat waiting alone,  I heard the secretary call my drama teacher since they had to have a female in the room when a member of the opposite sex paddled you.  When she walked though the doors she said

“Kristen what are you doing here?”

“umm well”

“Oh! well good luck” she said with a cheery attitude like she was wishing me well on some play

I waited for another 10 minutes until the door opened and Mr Acempoura called me in.  It was very surreal as he explained to me that I would be getting 5 whacks.  I sat quietly and listened to them.  At least until I saw the paddle the principal pulled out from behind the file cabinet. 

“Wait a second,  That thing is a lot bigger then I remember it”

“Kristen,  its the senior paddle” My female protector explained. 

“No way!

“Do you want to risk losing the scholarships you have been applying for”

“No” I said sheepishly. 

“Then this is what your punishment will be”

I had dressed myself much like the first time.  Thick Jeans,  and three pairs of panties since I knew they couldn’t look for them.  I bent over the desk and was told when I was ready to tell them and the paddling would begin.  The first smack took my breath away despite my protection.  My ass was on fire!  The second hit and I screamed.  I asked them to stop.  But they told me if I didn’t take all 5 it didn’t count.  By the third my makeup was smeared and I was crying  for the first time since my father spanked me two years ago.  The fourth whack I could see colors as I cried out.  Finally with the fifth whack I jumped up and screamed at the top of my lungs.  I am sure people in the next state could hear me. 

The worst part about it was that I had to go to practice.  My ass was turning different colors of red, blue and purple.  Everyone knew I was paddled that day and didn’t hide it. 

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  1. Mitch says:

    So, Kristen, were you spanked at home after the senior paddling? I presume the school called your parents.

  2. karaJ says:

    My High School didn’t paddle,(liberal New Yorkers), but my dad made a point at open house to tell my instructors to please call home with any problems & he would “Get to the seat of my problem”. Afterwards I’d have to take a note to the teacher red faced, & red at the other end.

  3. Kristen says:

    Nope, The last spanking I got from my father was when I was 16. Probably my worst. Never got spanked after that. I did get grounded for a month!

  4. Lars says:

    You should be paddled again for mis-spelling the word: principal.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And for the title as well. There is no reason for the apostrophe.

  6. Anonymouse says:

    Thanks for such a hot retelling of your paddling experiences! Do you have any pictures of you posing like you would have assumed the position for your paddling? Particularly if you were wearing Levi’s jeans – they make a woman’s bottom super sexy…

  7. Phil says:

    When your father spanked you at age 16, you mentioned that it was bare ass. Did he have you pull them down or did he? Was the spanking with his hand? OTK or bent over the bed? How many smacks?

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