How Spanking Makes me Feel

I can’t believe people are reading this blog,  OMG!  Well to all you new people out there Hi y’all!

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My stomach sinks when I feel the stern voice of Doug from the other room

“Kristen you need to come over here,  you have some explaining to do”

But there is no explaining.  I know I am going to get it.  I sheepishly shuffle toward the sound of his voice,  Head hung,  knowing what is in store for me.  I go to him.

“Can you explain THIS young lady?”

I know that whatever I say will be in vain,  for whatever the reason,  I just look down and shake my head no.  I feel an hand grab me by the arm and pull me toward the place of my punishment.  A simple wooden chair placed in the middle of the living room.  I don’t go willingly but I do go for if I resist it will be worse.  His strong arm pulls me across his waiting knee.  I can see the floor,  the chair leg, his sneaker.  I don’t dare look back.

The first smack is always a shock,  whether or not its on the bare.  This time it isn’t but I know that will not last for long.  The smacks come slow and deliberate,  one building on the one before.  Suddenly I can feel my skirt being pulled up.  While I can’t see I know redness is already showing out the edges of my white panties.  The smacks come harder and faster now.  I think of nothing,  I cannot see or hear. Just the stinging pain of his hand upon my butt.

I can feel the cool night air rush across my bottom when my panties are pulled down.  he is lecturing me but I cannot understand the words.  He stops,  I hear a drawer open.

“This is going to hurt you much more than it hurts me Kristen”

I don’t have time to panic,  I feel the hard wood slap against my flesh making a sickening thud.  I feel the impact go deep into the muscles in my ass and the searing pain that it causes.  I scream and arch my back with agony.  But it does not stop,  I plead,  I beg,  Nothing works just the horrible cadence of smacks

I am crying now.  There is nothing else to do.  Exhausted from the squirming and screaming and the pain.  There is nothing left to do but lie there and take what is coming to me.  Doug has seen I have had enough.  He gently pushes me to the floor and holds me tight.  He tells me everything is going to be ok.  With tears streaming down my cheeks I nod. I have learned my lesson and I know now that all transgressions of the past are forgotten.



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  1. i like your website and from the look of you i can see why your boyfriend tans your bottom. i hope he doesn’t go too far. can i ask you do you and your parents ever joke about your child hood, teenage spankings and did you ever get one of your American birthday spankings.

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