Spanked in a Catholic School Uniform

Hi Ya’ll

Its weird, Before I met Doug while I never thought about it,  I would imagine I could  say that I was not into spanking.  There are times now I don’t wanna be spanked (And I get it anyway) and times I do.  This weekend was definitely one of the times I did.  If you remember there was little or no playtime in the past two weeks.  One week my mother was here and doing anything in a studio apartment is out of the question the last week Doug was kinda out of it.  So I was looking forward when he arrived Friday Night.

Before I go on as I told you I grew up in as a southern Baptist and went to public schools.  Doug on the other hand went to a catholic school in the city he grew up in.  So you can imagine how disappointed he was when I told him I didn’t wear uniforms to school.  So he bought me one!  Actually over the years he has gotten me several anywhere from authentic catholic school uniforms to those fake latex ones.  Needless to say he enjoys the whole naughty schoolgirl thing.  So when he called me from the road I figured I would surprise him and he was greeted with this when he walked in the door.


I thought it would excite him but he immediately scolded me for not wearing my panties.  Which I had to go put on only to have them pulled down a few minutes later when he started spanking me.  It hurt (it always does) but I got incredibly hot and bothered that after he finished I grabbed him and ripped his clothes off and had him fuck me doggy style so he could admire my red ass.  It was a fun Weekend

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  1. S says:

    I know I speak for all of us when I say we can’t wait to see that cute little bottom bright red ourselves.

    Your pictures are awesome and obviously the circumstances detailed in your vignettes are wonderful to read. Doug is a lucky guy…

    Now, off to Spank my girlfriend on her bare bottom for sleeping in… The scamp!

  2. karaJ says:

    I went to Catholic school until 6th grade. We wore jumpers instead of skirts so unlike the bad girls at Ste. Lucy’s we couldn’t roll up the waist until they were mini-skirts.

  3. Rich says:

    I don’t have any direct experience attending a Catholic school, but I can say that if this is what it looks like, then I seriously missed out!

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