The Anatomy of an Over the Knee Spanking

Hi y’all

Sorry for not posting that week,  Well actually I’m not sorry, work SUCKED but I was told to apologize to y’all.  And yes I got my ass shined for not posting if you really wanted to know.  Since I have gotten some requests to see me spanked, I left the camera for Doug.  Yea I know he is a terrible photographer.

While I get spanked a variety of different ways I think my favorite (and definitely Doug’s favorite) is over the knee.  Well I think its Doug’s favorite since I spend so much time in that position.  Anyway I think its the lack of control I have in addition to having my view blocked and not knowing what he is doing back there.  Doug will even miss-time the smacks so I never know its coming.  Whatever….  Now if you engage in spanking with your girlfriend or wife.  I can tell you there is a mental checklist that they go though when they walk in that door and know what is going to happen.

OTK Spanking


1) What is he sitting on,  is it the couch?  good then I won’t be get a headache from the blood rushing to my head.  A chair or edge of the bed,  not good,

2) What is he holding,  Nothing,  good, it will just be his hand,  I can take that.  A wooden implement Ouch!

3) What is in the general vicinity he can reach.  If he has a number of things laid out on the table next to him then you can be sure you won’t be sitting down anytime soon.

4) Is this a before sex spanking or a punishment spanking.  Sometimes its hard to tell

5) What am I wearing,  If its jeans or pants then am I expected to drop them immediately or does he spank me over them first.  If so then do I stand up and take them down or make him try to yank them down while I give him a hard time :)

You can also ask yourself is it going to hurt,  but the answer is almost always yes!

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  1. Rich says:

    The dom’s checklist:

    (1) Does she have a nice ass?
    (2) Spank her!

  2. j.walker says:

    You can’t beat over the knee for a good old fashioned spanking!.
    Have you tried over the raised knee? It’s not comfortable for aprolonged spanking, but produces a delicious feeling of dangling helplesnes for the spankee and one of power and control for the spanker. I usually pick my wife up cradle style place my right foot on the edge of the bed and sit her on my knee for some kising and neck nibling before I turn her over and literaly drape her over my knee.Great , great , great position.

  3. jp says:

    My wife earns herself about a half a dozen punishment spankings a year. she doesn’t like them but she accepts them and it settles things in a hurry. they vary in length but they are always on her bare fanny over my knee. Crying and promises always result. recently I have been giving a few minutes of cornertime which she really detests. Good

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